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Ultrawave (C) 2012- All Rights Reserved

Ultrawave (C) 2012 - All Rights Reserved

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why has Ultrawave developed this technology?

Answer: Considering that 41 million women in the U.S. undergo X-Ray mammography screening each year and yet over 30% of early stage (DCIS) breast cancer is missed, there is a clear need for cost effective accurate imaging technology to screen for early stage cancer.

Question: Why develop a new technology? Why not use MRI to get better quality images?  

Answer: While MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) produces high quality images, it has a number of disadvantages. First, it is an expensive test and often insurance providers will not pay for it except under certain conditions. Second, MRI uses large, powerful magnets which prevent using metal objects (probes, etc). Third, it is very expensive to purchase which can limit availabilty in different locations. Fourth, MRI is a time consuming process requiring the patient to be still for long periods of time.

Question: How safe is UWI technology?

Answer: It is very safe. The technology transmits sound and measures it with radio waves / light. Unlike X-Ray, it does not use ionizing radiation or contrast agents; and unlike MRI, does not require huge magnets.

Question: Whats the difference between anatomical and functional imaging information?

Answer: Anatomical imaging provides better visualization while Functional imaging provides better specificity to offer more information about malignancy. Ultrawave will provide the world's first sub-mm resolution portable system with both Anatomical and Functional information.

Question: When will this technology be on the market?

Answer: The technology is currently being used in animal studies. Once the tests are completed, the FDA 510K submission process will begin. Once approved, the technology will be on the market. Typically, the process takes over 1 year.

Question: Is Ultrawave a public company?  

Answer: At this time Ultrawave Labs is a privately held corporation.


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