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Ultrawave (C) 2012- All Rights Reserved

Ultrawave (C) 2012 - All Rights Reserved

PRESS RELEASE: August 1, 2012

Ultrawave Labs Demonstrates First Successful Use of EMF Imaging

Newport Beach, CA, August 1, 2012 - Ultrawave Labs, Inc. a developer of a groundbreaking medical imaging technology announced today that the company is planning to build and test a new imaging system for future clinical trials utilizing Ultrawave's new UWI technology.

Ultrawave Imaging (UWI) technology is a new imaging technology which transmits sound and measures it with radio waves / light. Ultrawave imaging utilizes a proprietary radar and processing engine technology which achieves improved contrast over traditional MRI imaging systems and substantially improved resolution when compared to ultrasound imaging systems. 

Since studies show that X-Ray mammography misses over 30% of DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ) early stage cancer in women with dense breast tissue, one of the many promising applications for this new imaging modality is its use in detection of early stage breast cancer. Unlike X-Ray, UWI technology does not require the use of ionizing radiation or contrast agents which may be potentially harmful to patients. The new technology should provide clinicians with superior image quality to make better decisions while lowering costs.

"Our goal is to conduct a clinical study on patients at a world renowned institution under an IRB (Institutional Review Board) to validate the remarkable results we've already seen in the lab" said Dr. Aly Ismail, founder and CEO of Ultrawave Labs.

About Ultrawave Labs, Inc.

Ultrawave Labs, Inc. is a private company that is developing a groundbreaking medical imaging technology. Ultrawave's proprietary solution provides high resolution, high contrast images with a portable and low cost equipment, without using potentially harmful ionizing radiation. Initial application for the Ultrawave's solution is early stage diagnosis of breast cancer. The initial application will be followed by other diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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